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About Haven Medical: The Reader’s Digest Version

Haven Medical, LLC is an FDA Registered Medical Device Manufacturer dedicated to producing the most reliable, highly engineered, well built and longest lasting physical therapy and chiropractic tables in the world.


Our flagship products are the unequaled Haven Medical Force Table, and the Haven Medical Cox8. We are a division of Haven Innovation, Inc., a boutique OEM manufacturer supplying products to the automotive, medial and food industries, and currently the largest supplier of power seat adjusters to the RV market in North America.

Our team of engineers and designers have well over 100 years of combined experience in the automotive, safety and seating manufacturing industries and hold over 30 U.S. Patents in manufacturing processes, specialty tools, assembly equipment, load management, safety systems, public seating innovations, as well a revolutionary food heating and holding system that may one day soon replace the microwave oven.

Everything we produce within our Medical Division is a unique, one of a kind product, part, system or assembly.

Nothing is mass-produced. We machine every critical component that goes into our medical tables in-house. Each component passes through several phases of tooling and undergoes multiple inspections before it is approved for installation into our tables, where there are numerous more inspections during and after final assembly and testing. Nothing leaves our facility unless it’s perfect, because we know you expect and deserve nothing less.

When we say Haven products are “Over-Built to Last 3 Lifetimes” we’re not kidding around!


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